Spring Commissioning

Shrink Wrap Removal

$50 per Hour Which Includes All Environment Fees and Disposal

Spring Start Up

$150 Each Plus Materials

Includes Mount Out Drive, Change Fuel Filter, Hook Up Batteries, Fuel Treated, Check for Pumping Water, Check Shifting, Steering Starting Charging and Bildge

Tune Up

$200 Each Plus Materials

Includes Changing of All Fuel Filters, Ignition Components Such As Cap, Rotor, Points, Condenser and Spark Plugs, Thermostats, Top off Fluids, Check Belts, Cables, etc…

Water Systems

$75 per Hour

Includes Flush out all Non Toxic Antifreeze and Fill Portable Water System, Add De-Winterizer to Water Tak, Run A/C Units, Flush Toilets, Check for Leaks, Check Sea Strainers for Any Growth or Leaks, etc…

Bay Test/ Sea Trial


Mechanical Driven, Monitor Systems and Gauges, Check on Overall Run Ability and Sea Worthiness of Boat.  Advise Customer of Any Issues with Safety or Otherwise.  Includes Bring It To the Slip and Setup Supplied Lines

Install Canvas or Covers

$75 per Hour

Includes Installing the Mooring Cover or Camper Back.